Car Brakes Peterborough

car brakes peterborough

From worn-down brake pads to having brakes that no longer operate safely, our mechanics have seen it all. With that comes experience and the assurance that you can put your trust in our team to repair your car brakes, or replace them, without any delay or unnecessary headaches.

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Car Brake Repairs

Brake deterioration is often gradual and you may not even notice until you need to stop in an emergency. Here at Mechanic Man, our trained technicians can check the functionality and condition of both your front and rear brakes and provide you with an honest assessment. Ideal if you’re driving around Peterborough city centre and suddenly feel uneasy about your vehicle’s performance.

Our team can assess your hydraulic braking systems, and recognise potential dangers as they are subject to considerable stress with frequent use or improper braking. Along with this, during your general vehicle health check, we can check your brake fluid levels and test your anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Common signs of brake problems

What you should look out for if you feel your brakes are in need of repair:

  • A squealing noise when braking
  • Your vehicle juddering when applying the brakes
  • Rear wheels locking when braking
  • You find yourself having to brake harder than usual
  • Your brakes feel spongy (having absorbed too much moisture)
  • A grinding noise when the brakes are applied
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • A high, hard brake pedal
  • A clicking sound when driving slow; your ABS performing a self-check

Should any of the above issues sound familiar to your current drive, don’t delay, and get in touch with us today for a bespoke, professional car service.

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Car brake repairs and replacement in Peterborough

For an unrivalled service that also provides a free courtesy car to allow you to get on with your day, contact the leading car garage in Peterborough. We also offer free check-ups to all customers after their servicing and repair work to ensure customer satisfaction.

The car brake repair specialists

Acting as a vehicle ombudsman, we pride ourselves on the services we deliver. Equipped with specialist German utilities, our car brake repairs are second-to-none – using only the best parts for all makes and models. Allow our customer service team to remain in contact with you throughout your vehicle’s time with us so you’re never in the dark and find out first-hand why Mechanic Man truly is number one in the area.

Common signs of brake problems include unusual noises when applying your brakes, finding that they are not as strong as they once were to finding your vehicle sway to one side.

Brakes can be worn down, damaged, or even corrode over time, and if you ever feel an issue, you can always contact our team of mechanics to have your vehicle booked in for repair.

Slowly apply your brakes when coming to a stop rather than harsh applying them as this quickly wears away at the brake pads. You should also keep an eye on your brake fluid levels. We recommend having the fluid changes every 2 years – which we can also do as part of a routine health check.