Auto Diagnostics Peterborough

auto diagnostics peterborough

Auto diagnostics from the leading car garage in Peterborough.

If a warning light appears on your dashboard or you are experiencing an issue with your car, contact our friendly team to have your vehicle booked in for repair. We can run a comprehensive diagnostics test on our computer systems to check on your vehicle’s computer processor and discover any potential issues with the transmission, engine or other systems.

Auto diagnostics tests and car checks

Faults and engine management lights can appear at any time during the life of a vehicle and can be very expensive to repair at the main dealer. At Mechanic Man, we aim to remove the high cost of diagnostics for your vehicle and offer a more affordable service for our customers.

We offer a full range of computer-aided auto diagnostics in Peterborough, using our wide range of main dealer level software and specialist equipment, which gives us the capability to scan and diagnose any vehicle make or model. Following on from your diagnostics, we can carry out the work required to ensure your vehicle is road-safe; from battery replacement to engine repair.

What is carried out during a diagnostics check?

The auto diagnostics checks we carry out are designed to discover any faults or possible issues with your car, not too dissimilar from a health check. We use our specialist equipment to link up with your vehicle and engine, and with the help of built-in processors, microchips and sensors, our car diagnostic tools can help detect any potential problems.

The easy auto diagnostics Peterborough residents need

Quick, straight-forward, hassle-free. Our systems can not only spot problems, but indicate to our team of highly-skilled mechanics when it’s time for your car to have a tune-up. From revealing the condition of your ignition oils to checking on your gas tank, car brakes and crankshaft, an auto diagnostics test is an important part of your car maintenance.

We provide a free courtesy car during the test and following repairs to allow you to continue with your day, and offer free check-ups after servicing. Don’t delay – if you’re worried about the condition of your vehicle or feel like it’s time for a quick check-up, we’re at hand.