Car Electrics Peterborough

car electrics peterborough

We are the go-to garage in Peterborough should your car experience any issues with its electrics. Our auto electrical repair service can help you!

If you are experiencing any electrical problems with your car, don’t wait for things to get worse. We can diagnose the issue and help repair the electrical system in your vehicle to get you back on the road with no headaches.

Car Electrical Repair Peterborough

Is your dashboard not displaying correctly? Perhaps your car fuse has blown or something inside has short-circuited? Whether your battery is beginning to fail and you need a battery replacement, or the electrical wiring and connectors confuse you, our team of car electricians are at hand and can help.

Car electrics serviced by one of the leading car garages in Peterborough

A car electrical failure could be caused by a blown fuse, which would result in minor problems such as your lights not working to your radio and heating not functioning correctly. Whilst minor, these could lead to bigger problems down the line to the extent of your car not starting.

From car fuses to starters to alternators, we can inspect, repair and replace.

Free courtesy car and check-ups for all services

We are proud to offer all of our customers a free courtesy car so you’re not without a vehicle whilst we carry our your servicing. Along with this, you are welcome back any time! Following on from any service or repair, we offer free check-ups should your issue not be resolved to your satisfaction or you require a double-check for peace of mind. No issue is too big.

Better still, all work can be carried out under your warranty!

We have a team of highly-skilled auto electricians that have seen it all and fixed it all. Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation quote or come visit us, just outside Peterborough city centre.