Health Check

car health check peterborough

Is your vehicle nearing its next MOT or are you looking for peace of mind prior to a long journey? We offer a comprehensive health check in order to avoid any nasty surprises that your vehicle may be harbouring.

Don’t get caught out by a garage during your next MOT and charged extra. Give your car a regular health check and with our honest and friendly service, we’re here to help. Located in the centre of Peterborough, drop your car off for a check whilst you enjoy the city centre. Two birds, one stone as they say.

Car health checks in Peterborough

We carry out our car health checks with specialist equipment.

What’s included in our health checks?

  • Diagnostic code-read
  • Visual external inspection
  • Visual internal inspection
  • Fluid level check
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Under trays removed to check for leaks
  • Testing your car brakes
  • Testing the power of your battery

Contact our friendly team to have your vehicle booked in for its health check today.

Be prepared for your car’s MOT

Ensure your vehicle is running smoothly with our comprehensive car servicing. We offer a free courtesy car to all cars left in our garage to not stop your day and provide free check-ups following on from your health check. For a quality service, using the only best parts should a problem be discovered, all for a great price, contact Mechanic Man: the car garage Peterborough drivers have been waiting for.