Wheel Alignment Peterborough

wheel alignment peterborough

Are you worried about the state of your tyres? Are they wearing away unevenly or causing a rough ride? Is your car pulling to one side when driving?

The wheels of your car could be unaligned if any of these problems sound familiar – which could lead to excessive uneven tyre wear and put you and others at risk with your driving.

Speak to Mechanic Man for a wheel alignment service carried out by skilled mechanics in a timely fashion. Save money in comparison to main dealers, and book your car in with us today – the local car garage that cares.

Wheel Alignment Services in Peterborough

Our wheel alignment service ensures your car is back to its best. Correctly aligned wheels will reduce uneven tyre wear, improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and also increase your vehicle’s handling, leading to a safer journey.

With our range of specialist equipment from Germany, we can align your car’s wheels to your exact manufacturer specifications, correcting both your steering and suspension. Our guarantee is that we will not damage the alloys of your vehicle in the process.

You may need wheel alignment if:

  • You notice your tyres are wearing down quickly
  • Your tyres are wearing down unevenly or abnormally
  • Your steering feels more troublesome than before
  • The handling of car car appears different than usual
  • Your vehicle has hit something, or been hit
  • You regularly drive down poorly maintained roads

Not addressing these issues can also affect your advanced driver assistance systems such as your anti-lock brakes and cruise control settings, so don’t leave it to chance. You should have your wheels checked at least once a year, and is always wise to ask for it to be included in a vehicle health check.

Get your car’s wheels back on track

We can carry our work as part of your warranty, and offer a free courtesy car and free check-ups for any customer.

For an affordable service, visit our local Peterborough car garage near the city centre. Our team of experienced mechanics, coupled with our friendly customer service team can give you the quality service you deserve.